Festive Greetings

Happy Yuletide All

We have left out a little tipple and snack for Santa to enjoy (the extra mince pie is for Mother Claus) and a carrot with some special food for those hard working reindeer.

Peanut is tucked up in bed. Presents are wrapped and under the tree. All the grown ups are settled with mugs of hot chocolate. Peace reigns. While we have a quiet moment I just wanted to say: whatever your faith or belief (or lack of) love and festive greetings from Casa Moke. I hope the year to come brings you peace, health and happiness.

Until next we meet

Moke x

Christmas Cottage

Hello All and a very Merry Christmas to you

The pressies are open so here are a few of the makes I couldn’t reveal before Yuletide:

This year No 1 Daughter had booked us all into a cottage near Cartmel for Christmas. It was lovely. Everything a cottage should be, with interesting nooks and crannies,


beams, DSCI0361

quirky little stairways,


and a welcoming kitchen.


It was comfortable and charming. Perfect for a relaxed family holiday.

No 1 Daughter and Son together with No1 Daughter’s boyfriend had settled in and sorted out the decorations and food before I arrived. What a treat to sit together for scrumptious meals. No 1 Daughter’s season chalet hosting a couple of years ago certainly paid off!

We had a wonderful time and with no WiFi nor mobile phone reception – YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!! – mastered the hilarious art of charades and (almost) got to grips with the complexities of dominos.

Our dogs also had a superb holiday. Looking for their presents,

and enjoying the sort of mischief that only two small dogs can get up to. No 1 Daughter’s dog idolises my rather elderly Cavalier, James, so they were always together …. James adopting a Yoda like mentoring role … treats under the tree find you will ….

He is a wise old boy and after all that food…. James magnificently sums up how I feel.


We have been very lucky. Our thoughts go out to those for whom Christmas is not a happy time.

Love and best wishes for 2015, Moke xx

‘Tis the Season to…

say Merry Christmas everyone!

Oxenholme Station put on it’s Glad Rags to cheer travellers on their way.

‘Tis the Season to…

spend cosy time in with our doggie friends, especially those that had their 13th birthday on Christmas Eve!

‘Tis the Season to…

be with family and enjoy a wonderful Christmas lunch this year beautifully made by No.1 daughter and gratefully eaten by moi and No.1 son. It was delicious.

‘Tis the Season to …

make a small gift for a special little girl,

create a couple more Forfar Birdies for two friends with birthdays, and

felt a small green (ermmm in the early morning light I confess I thought it was grey…) ‘thank you’ penguin.

But most importantly of all, ’tis the season to tell my family and friends that I love them dearly and wish them the best of all New Years.